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Trial Lawyer

a photo of a person sitting at a desk. On the desk there is a gavel and the scales of justice.

2 min read

Conviction Reversed in Securities Fraud Case Due to Trial Court Errors

In this securities fraud case, Kelly James Schnorenberg appealed his conviction on the grounds of trial court errors. After a thorough review, the...

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Judge gavel on a wooden desk

1 min read

HOA Dispute Over Unpaid Assessments and Validity of Lien Foreclosure

In the District Court of Appeal of Florida, First District, a case between a lot owner, Inlet Beach Capital Investments, LLC (Lot Owner), and a...

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man at a desk looking at a gavel and the scales of justice.

2 min read

Hector Ramirez's Conviction Appeal: Unveiling Legal Complexities

In the realm of trial lawyers, there are always cases that showcase the complexities and challenges of the legal profession. One such case that...

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image of a yellow police line in focus with a car out of focus in the background

4 min read

The Role of Witness Testimony in the Murder Trial of Owen Martin

The Role of Witness Testimony in Murder Trials: Analyzing the Case of Owen Martin In the murder trial of Owen Martin, who was found guilty of the...

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view from behind of man sitting in a sparsely populated courtroom

4 min read

Walker's Habeas Corpus Petition: Examining Waiver of Right to Counsel

Background: Justin Leon Walker's Conviction and Appeal Justin Leon Walker, a convicted individual, recently filed a habeas corpus petition against...

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5 min read

Ineffective assistance of counsel: A Look at Lewis Hooper's Case

Introduction The criminal justice system is a complex web, where the fate of individuals rests in the hands of skilled trial lawyers. These legal...

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6 min read

District Attorney vs. Judge in a High-Stakes Mandamus Action

A Mandamus Action Within the hallowed halls of justice, where the scales of truth and fairness are meticulously balanced, a fierce legal battle has...

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