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Partnering with government contractors throughout the RFP process and securing government contracts


Great Day Colorado interview with Whitcomb Selinsky, PC Founder and President, Joe Whitcomb on business owners that are seeking government contracts or need assistance with a current government contract.

Navigating Through the Federal Government Purchasing Process

If you own a business and are actively seeking a U.S. government contract or need assistance maintaining an existing government contract, it is essential to have an experienced government procurement attorney who can assist you throughout the process. Government procurement can involve many different types of contracts for goods or services from contractors, including federal procurement requirements and involving the General Services Administration (GSA). Navigating through federal agencies and ensuring your business complies with specific regulations can be a timely and tedious process.

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Working with Whitcomb Selinsky, PC’s Experienced Litigation Team Against the Federal Government

From service contracts to supply schedules to obtaining technical assistance during the request for proposal (RFP) process, Whitcomb Selinsky, PC, is committed to providing experienced and tailored government contracting representation to small- and medium-sized business owners . With more than 30 years of combined legal experience working on government contracting/government procurement cases, our government contracts attorneys will navigate through the federal contracting phases detailed by the United States Government, including the Small Business Administration (SBA) and the Department of Defense (DoD) . In addition, we will help you understand the government’s contracting determinations and help you win contracting opportunities.



Types of Government Procurement Issues Whitcomb Selinsky, PC Handles

At Whitcomb Selinsky, PC, a federal government procurement attorney can assist your business with various legal matters regarding federal government procurement and contracts with government agencies, including but not limited to:


Common Government Contracting FAQs

Meet Your Government Contracting Legal Team

Joe_WSPC 2023 design

Joe Whitcomb

Founder and President

As the firm’s leader, Joe manages, directs, consults, and acts as an advisor to his practice group leaders Joe’s areas of specialty include government procurement and international business transactions.

Tim_WSPC 2023 design

Tim Turner

Senior Attorney

Along with leading the Government Contracting practice area, Tim manages labor and employment cases for the firm. He centers his practice in the Health and Safety sector, defending clients against MSHA and OSHA regulatory enforcement actions.

Dilyn_WSPC 2023 design

Dilyn Loveless

Senior Attorney

Dilyn spent 14 years as a Staff Officer with the United States Department of Defense. She has extensive experience with investigations involving the Department of Defense, Department of Justice, United States Federal Bureau of Investigations, Department of Commerce, and Department of State. Dilyn brings a wealth of experience in trade law, trade compliance, and government and defense contracting.

Bill S_WSPC 2023 design

William Selinsky

Senior Attorney

For more than 20 years, William worked as an attorney in a private practice law firm concentrating on insurance coverage and defense, general practice, personal injury, litigation, business, zoning, and municipal law.

Anne L_WSPC 2023 design

Anne Lanteigne

Senior Attorney

With more than 35 years of professional legal experience, Anne brings a broad range of knowledge on intellectual property (IP), government contracts, and patent law. She knows the intricacies of federal procurement actions, from requesting proposals and evaluating offers/bids from contractors to administering contracts and negotiating dispute settlements with contractors, giving her a unique insight into the government contracts world.

Jon_WSPC 2023 design

Jonathan Perrone


Jon counsels and represents government contractors in healthcare, construction, manufacturing, defense, information technology, and service industries. He specializes in representation in both pre-contract and contract-administration phases.

Josh S_WSPC 2023 design

Josh Sather

Associate Attorney

Josh helps clients successfully navigate the complex and ever-changing landscape of government contracting. He advises clients on compliance with government regulations, helps them navigate the contracting process, and negotiates contracts. Additionally, he represents clients in disputes, such as bid protests, claims, and appeals.

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