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Trademark Attorneys

Protecting Your Registered Trademarks and Defending Your Mark Against Infringement

Trademark Infringement on the Rise

Does your business have exclusive rights to your trademark? 

One study revealed 80 percent of C-level executives report rising trademark infringement (TMI). The study also revealed general trademark law-related litigation, with more than half of the executives indicating their organization initiated legal action against third parties who had infringed on their brand. 

The number of trademark rights claims being filed is expected to increase. However, trademark protection is not automatic, and steps must be taken to protect your business and avoid consumer confusion.

trademark law

What Are Trademark Attorneys?

Trademark attorneys are experts in trademark law, providing guidance and counsel to businesses on protecting and defending their service marks, helping them select new marks, and securing official trademark registration.

Trademark attorneys advise on choosing and registering trademarks and can help resolve trademark disputes. Additionally, they keep track of trademark registration deadlines and renewals. They also defend clients against infringement and intellectual property challenges.

trademark law

Seasoned Trademark Lawyers at Whitcomb Selinsky, PC Can Help

Trademark law is a unique area of law that requires particular knowledge, including understanding The Trademark Manual of Examining Procedure. The legal counsel at Whitcomb Selinsky, PC, has subject matter expertise in copyright law, trademark searches, and certification marks. Our attorneys know how to ask the right questions to eliminate the likelihood of confusion about trademark ownership to prevent small mistakes from eventually turning into more significant errors.

From start to finish, our firm will partner with you to mitigate risks related to trademark dilution. They offer complete transparency to U.S. trademark law and are dedicated to ensuring that your trademark case resolves positively. 


Common Trademark Law FAQs

Meet Your Trademark Law Legal Team


Brandon Selinsky

Chief Operating Officer

Brandon counsels business clients on trademark prosecution and defense in front of the USPTO and TTAB. Most recently, he fended off a major university’s attack on an independent artist’s trademark. He also represents service-disabled veteran-owned small businesses (SDVOSB) in government procurement, including bid protests, contract disputes, and appellate advocacy.

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