bid protestWhere Your Mission Matters

Helping businesses and people complete their mission comes naturally for the lawyers at WSPC.  More than half of our attorneys and staff come from military backgrounds where balancing the mission and needs of people was tantamount to success.  “Mission First, People Always,” was and is a common mantra in military circles and something that the founders, lawyers, and staff at WSPC still cling to in earnest.  We see our job as one of coming along side our clients and helping them complete their personal or business mission as they have defined it.  We stick to the principles of hard work, forever learning, and brutal honesty.  We also keep an eye on value for every service we deliver.  The founders, lawyers, and staff know that you work hard for your money, so when we charge for a service, we ensure that we’ve delivered value.

Diverse Legal Services

Whitcomb, Selinsky, PC, (WS PC) is a full service law firm serving clients’ diverse legal needs. Our focus is in helping people in their interactions with federal, state and local governments. Many times the cases we litigate are titles United States of America v. Our Client. We know that the battles can be hard fought and we help our clients prepare and look for quick solutions whenever they are available. Fighting large opponents like the executive branch of the U.S. government can be daunting if you’re going it alone. This also applies if you are going through complex commercial litigation or any civil law suit. We strive to be a capable and trustworthy law firm you can rely on during these difficult times. Of course, if we’re fortunate enough to counsel you or your company at the beginning of an endeavor, we keep a keen legal eye on helping you avoid the pitfalls of litigation in the first place.

Meeting the Legal Needs of Veteran Owned Businesses

Many of the veteran clients that came to WSPC, indicated a  desire to start their own business and eventually become SDVOSB certified so they could bid for and win government contracts. Borrowing from his own experience starting and running a successful law firm and going through the CVE certification process himself, Joe Whitcomb decided to devote some of his time and talents to helping other veterans in their business endeavors.  The ultimate goal at Whitcomb Law,  PC is to be a full service law firm that grows as our clients succeed in business and in life.  We know from experience that challenges await as you start and grow your business and we want to be there for you along the way.

Defending the Civil Rights of Citizens and Workers

The lawyers at WSPC are also passionate about getting justice for those whose civil rights were violated either by their government or their employer.  Our staff of trained and experienced litigators will use their considerable education and skills to help you win back what was taken by an unscrupulous employer or government official.  We have fought and won many battles on this front and we are eager to fight and win for you.  The process begins with a phone call and a free consultation to discuss the merits of your claim.  If we believe your case is one worth fighting for, we will use every available legal tool in representing you and keep you appraised of the progress at every step.

Handling Complex Commercial Litigation and Appellate Matters

Part of being a full service law firm is finding ways to litigate cases that don’t fall into neat compartments.  That is why the lawyers at WSPC are dedicated to staying up-to-date on developments in the law as they happen.  A great deal of our legal practice is dedicated to legal writing and appellate level advocacy.  WSPC’s founder, Joe Whitcomb, cut his teeth in the legal business with a massive amount of writing and research when he started his legal career as an attorney with the federal government.  The attorneys at WSPC have written hundreds of legal briefs and experienced more than their fair share of successes.  While many attorneys shy away from complex litigation and appellate level advocacy, our law firm thrives in that environment.  If you find yourself in uncharted legal waters or in the throws of a legal appeal that looks like an uphill battle, give our law firm a call.  We welcome the challenge.