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International Business Law Attorney

Helping You Throughout the Process of International Business Transactions

International Tax

Whether you operate a U.S. company doing business in a foreign country, a foreign company doing business in the U.S., or a company operating across multiple countries, you should be concerned with international tax compliance. Failure to conduct tax planning and comply with national and international tax regulations can result in losing a larger amount of your revenue than necessary to taxes, as well as possible monetary and even criminal penalties. Conversely, investing in a legal team of international tax attorneys to assist you in developing a thought-out and compliant tax plan can save your company substantial money and time down the line, especially with experienced tax lawyers guiding you through the process and preventing any international tax issues.

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International Trade

International trade generally incorporates the sale of goods and services across international borders, as well as the investment or trading of funds across such borders. International trade is governed by a complex web of laws from multiple jurisdictions, treaties, trade agreements, and governing organizations, all of which add a layer of complexity to business negotiations and cross-border transactions. Which laws apply to your company depends on a number of factors, including the industry in which you conduct business and the countries from where you operate.

We can also help you through the process of ITAR/EAR compliance.

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International Intellectual Property

Intellectual property (IP) refers to property created by the mind or intellect; for example, a song, invention, or work of art are all considered intellectual property. The three main areas of intellectual property that receive legal protection are patents, trademarks, and copyrights.

Many business owners incorrectly assume that if they are not in a creative industry or an inventor, IP laws are not relevant to them. This is incorrect. Intellectual property laws impact every single business. For example, if your company’s name has been registered as a valid trademark by another entity, you might not be able to continue using it and could be subject to suit if you do.

Understanding the impact of IP law becomes even more important if you are operating internationally. Different countries have different levels of protection, which should be considered before you decide to do business in a particular country. Additionally, the relationships between the laws of and treaties between different countries dictate the requirements to protect your IP across international borders.

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Meet Your International Business Legal Team

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Joe Whitcomb

Founder and President

Joe Whitcomb is the founder and president of Whitcomb Selinsky, PC. In addition, he manages the firm and heads up the Government Procurement and International Business Transactions practice areas.

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Dilyn Loveless

Senior Attorney

Dilyn spent 14 years as a Staff Officer with the United States Department of Defense, where she served in several classified roles throughout the globe. She also brings a wealth of experience in trade law, cybersecurity and privacy law, and national security and intelligence law. In addition, Dilyn has extensive experience in Trade compliance and government and defense contracting.

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