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Wrongful Death


Grieving the death of a loved one can be overwhelming and incredibly stressful. The death of a loved one is doubly painful when the negligence or intentional actions of someone else caused the death, with costs going far beyond the initial emotional shock of losing someone. Wrongful death lawsuits can arise from vehicular accidents, crashes, medical negligence, faulty or poorly designed products or premises. These cases can be difficult to prove and several legal elements need to be proven in order for your claim or lawsuit to be successful.

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Immediate family members, including a spouse or child(ren), or extended family members can file a wrongful death lawsuit to seek fair compensation for the unnecessary death of a family member. However, the claim or lawsuit can only be filed if there is a credible belief someone directly caused a person’s death and is liable for the loss. As with many personal injury cases, each State restricts the time frame for filing a wrongful death claim with some being as short as 90 days from the time of death. With so many factors involved in filing a wrongful death claim or lawsuit, it is important to not only find an attorney who specializes in this type of lawsuit but also to find an attorney who will work with compassion and dedication on your case.

At Whitcomb Selinsky, PC, our devoted team of wrongful death attorneys, headed by Nathan J.D. Veldhuis in Virginia and Washington, DC and Doug Fields in Colorado, will work with you and your family during this sensitive and emotional time. From filing the necessary estate documents to working through the litigation process, including gathering information and conducting interviews, our attorneys will provide the support and comfort you deserve knowing your case is of the utmost importance.

Although no value can ever replace the life of your loved one, the person who caused their death can be held accountable for any civil damages and losses. Typically, people think of economic damages such as medical or funeral expenses, or loss of income and future earnings. However, there are also non-economic damages you may claim, including:

  • • The loss of companionship, love, moral support, care, comfort, assistance, affection, or protection
  • • Loss of guidance and training from a loved one
  • • Loss of enjoyment from physical and/or emotional intimacy
  • • The pain, suffering, or disfigurement your loved one experienced before their death

If you or your family have suffered the loss of a loved one due to the actions of someone else, contact us at Whitcomb Selinsky, PC. We will stand by you and your family and ensure your case gets the attention and support you deserve. We can be reached by phone at (303)-534-1958 or click the link below to fill out a form, and we will contact you.

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