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Whitcomb, Selinsky, PC Staff

Whitcomb, Selinsky, PC is a full service law firm serving clients’ diverse legal needs. Our focus is in helping people in their interactions with federal, state and local governments.

Do You Need Help With Your Trademark?

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Space Law Experts | Your Guide to Legal Needs in Outer Space

Space Law Experts: Your Guide to Legal Needs in Outer Space

While outer space is truly the final frontier, it should not be and is not lawless. Whitcomb Selinsky P.C. is positioned on the cutting edge of outer...

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Bid Protest attorney | Unqualified bidder | Techical evaluation

Did you lose a contract to an unqualified competitor?

If you have submitted a proposal in response to a government-issued RFP only to have an unqualified company win the award, then you should give...

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Merger Planning | M&A Lawyers | Small Business Legal Counsel

Is Your Company Planning a Merger or Acquisition?

If your company is planning to merge with another acquire another company or sell your company, then having a competent mergers and acquisitions...

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ITAR Compliance | Export Control Legal Assistance | Regulatory Help

ITAR/EAR Export Compliance

Running afoul of ITAR or export controls can cost your company money in fines and can in some circumstances result in criminal prosecution. However,...

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International Business Lawyers | Overseas Transactions | IBT Attorneys

Do you need help with International Business Transactions?

If you are planning to do business overseas or already have engaged in International business, then having an international business transactions...

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Succession Planning | Help Selling My Company | Legal Planning

Do you know the steps to take if you are selling your company?

If you are planning to sell your company or eventually retire, then succession planning is a must. Succession planning is normally a...

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