OSHA / WORKPLACE SAFETYOSHA/Workplace Safety for Businesses Across the United States.

Whitcomb, Selinsky’s OSHA team provides comprehensive counsel to a wide range of business across the United States.

Our team, led by a former Department of Labor Solicitor, counsels and represents clients grappling with enforcement matters arising from the regulatory agency and proceedings filed under the Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission (OSHRC). Federal, state, and even municipal regulatory compliance is often a confusing puzzle of complicated bureaucracy.  Sorting out the regulations can be frustrating, but it is important to know what specific regulations apply to you and your employees. Being unprepared can open your business to risk in the event of an unannounced OSHA inspection, which can stretch on for days or even months. Whitcomb, Selinsky’s team provides realistic compliance solutions and vigorous defense of OSHA enforcement actions.

What Whitcomb, Selinsky offers:

Helping businesses and people complete their mission comes naturally for the lawyers at Whitcomb, Selinsky PC.  More than half of our attorneys and staff come from military backgrounds where balancing the mission and needs of people was tantamount to success.  “Mission First, People Always,” was and is a common mantra in military circles and something that the founders, lawyers, and staff at WSPC still cling to in earnest.  We see our job as one of coming along side our clients and helping them complete their personal or business mission as they have defined it.  We stick to the principles of hard work, forever learning, and brutal honesty.  We also keep an eye on value for every service we deliver.  The founders, lawyers, and staff know that you work hard for your money, so when we charge for a service, we ensure that we’ve delivered value.

Inspection Preparation

Regulatory Training

Compliance Audits

Injury Reporting Audits and Compliance

Informal Conference Preparation and Representation

Citation Enforcement Defense – Negotiation and Litigation

Accident Investigations

Rulemaking Comment Assistance