Appellate LawWhitcomb, Selinsky’s Focus on Appellate Law.

Finding a lawyer to handle your federal or State appeal can be challenging and time-consuming. Whitcomb, Selinsky PC focus on appellate level advocacy has helped us build a reputation for winning hard-fought appeals. Unlike the drama and flair of courtroom trials, which of course we also enjoy and perform well, appellate work is detail oriented and arduous work. We pride ourselves on persuasive legal writing, that is succinct and on point.


We maintain top-notch research capabilities and enlist efficiencies that will save you time and money. Understanding that the odds of winning an appeal from a trial verdict or dispositive motion are long in the best of situations, Whitcomb, Selinsky PC evaluates cases on their merits in advance, which can help our client firms or individual appellants save time and money. If your case does warrant pursuing at the appellate level, then skilled legal writing will make the difference between winning and losing.

Our lawyers have written thousands of trial and appellate level briefs with great success. We can either take your case over at the level of appeal or directly perform the valuable task of scheduling and briefing your appeal. Our lawyers are knowledgeable in administrative, government procurement, Constitutional, child-advocacy, employment, criminal, trademark, trade secrets, and fiduciary law. However, because appellate level advocacy frequently turns on nuanced issues of law, rather than being fact specific, Whitcomb, Selinsky PC is willing to discuss any appellate issue. Our attorneys are currently admitted in several state and federal venues and can quickly gain admission into almost any federal jurisdiction.

Whitcomb, Selinsky PC is committed to offering value to our clients. We charge almost strictly by the hour. We will give you realistic estimates at the onset of your case about the number of hours required for your case and will strive to impress you by finishing ahead of time and under budget. Whitcomb, Selinsky PC has gained clients in many different practice areas. We strive for much more than customer satisfaction; we want you to be wowed by our performance. Give us a call today! Contact an appellate lawyer in Colorado. Please call 866-476-4558.