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Government Contracts


6 min read

Lockheed Martin v. US Air Force: Analyzing a Contract Dispute

The contract dispute between Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company and the Air Force revolves around the costs associated with repairs for specific...

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7 min read

Resolving Contract Disputes: Expert Insights and Strategies

Expert Insights and Strategies for Contract Disputes Act: - Understand the Contract Disputes Act (CDA) that governs government contract disputes.-...

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8 min read

A Comprehensive Guide to Resolving Government Contract Disputes

The Significance of the Contract Disputes Act Government contract disputes are conflicts that arise between the government and a contractor during a...

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image of several people in outdoor work attire looking at blueprints

5 min read

Understanding a Court Opinion: Employees' Claims Dismissed in SCA Case

The AFC Case: Analyzing a Service Contract Act Dispute in Government Contracting The United States Court of Appeals, Ninth Circuit, recently...

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Construction worker sitting at job site

7 min read

Davis-Bacon Act Rule Changes: DOL's Priority on Withheld Funds

Goals of the Davis Bacon Act Rule Changes and Timeline for Implementation of the Final Rule The Davis-Bacon Act is a federal law that mandates...

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Giant Crane Davis Bacon Act Changes Contractor Debarment Compliance Help

11 min read

Davis Bacon Act Changes: Contractor Compliance and Debarment

contractors put on notice through the language of § 5.5(e) Davis-Bacon Act The Department agrees with the commenters who supported the implementation...

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Framed building construction Davis-Bacon Act Compliance and Accountability

12 min read

Proposed Davis-Bacon Focusing on Clarity and Accountability

Suggested linguistic changes to improve clarity and readability Davis-Bacon Act The Department proposes to make several linguistic changes to defined...

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Davis-Bacon Act Changes | Public Comments | Regulatory Compliance

12 min read

Addressing Concerns: Changes to the Davis-Bacon Act Regulations

Addressing Commentor Concerns Davis-Bacon Act The Department of Labor received several comments in response to the proposal for changes to the...

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changes to davis bacon act employment law and government contracting

9 min read

Changes to Davis Bacon Act - $217 Billion In Construction Spending

The Department of Labor (DOL) recently took an important step in enhancing the Davis-Bacon Act by publishing a notice of proposed rulemaking (NPRM)...

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sign that says changes and modifications in government contracting

4 min read

WEBINAR - Government Contract Changes and Modifications

{% video_player "embed_player" overrideable=False, type='hsvideo2', hide_playlist=True, viral_sharing=False, embed_button=False, autoplay=False,...

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