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Employment Law


7 min read

The Role of Supplemental Jurisdiction in De Asencio v. Tyson Foods

In the 2003 case of De Asencio v. Tyson Foods, the United States Court of Appeals, Third Circuit, tackled a labor dispute involving Tyson Foods and...

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railway worker examining train tracks near an overpass

2 min read

Metra's Vaccine Mandate Deemed "Minor Dispute" Under Railway Labor Act

Metra, the commuter rail agency serving the Chicago metropolitan area, is currently embroiled in a legal battle with several labor unions over a...

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image of several people in outdoor work attire looking at blueprints

5 min read

Understanding a Court Opinion: Employees' Claims Dismissed in SCA Case

The AFC Case: Analyzing a Service Contract Act Dispute in Government Contracting The United States Court of Appeals, Ninth Circuit, recently...

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Davis-Bacon Act | Rule Changes | Enhancing Efficiency and Accuracy

10 min read

Changes to Wage Determinations: Enhancing Efficiency and Accuracy

definition of "area" to include multi-county project Davis-Bacon Act The Department of Labor is currently engaged in discussions regarding proposed...

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changes to davis bacon act employment law and government contracting

9 min read

Changes to Davis Bacon Act - $217 Billion In Construction Spending

The Department of Labor (DOL) recently took an important step in enhancing the Davis-Bacon Act by publishing a notice of proposed rulemaking (NPRM)...

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Non-Agricultural Workers  | H2B Visas |  Employment Law Firm

25 min read

Numerical Limits on Non-Agricultural Workers H2B Visas

Department of Labor Regulation on Numerical Limits on Non-Agricultural Workers In an effort to address the growing demand for H-2B visas, the...

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4 min read

GAO Sustains Price Realism Protest

Valkyrie Enterprises Wins Its Protest! Recently, the General Accountability Office (GAO) sustained a protest challenging the United States’...

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Serious Injuries

2 min read

Workers’ Compensation for Serious Injuries

The workers’ compensation attorneys at the Rocky Mountain Disability Law Group represent clients in all types of workers’ compensation cases. Some...

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workers' compensation

3 min read

Employee or Independent Contractor? The Difference Matters

Are you an employee or independent contractor? The Colorado workers’ compensation attorneys at the Rocky Mountain Disability Law Group or its sister...

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