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Six Important 2017 Government Contracting Decisions

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The next six newsletters will contain articles regarding important government contracting decisions from 2017. The articles will include a review of the following:

  • Technology Systems, Inc., ASBCA No. 59577, 17-1 BCA ¶ 36,631 (the DCAA disallowed expenses following an audit);

  • Garco Construction, Inc. v. Secretary of the Army, 856 F. 3d 938 (Fed Cir 2017) (involving access to a military facility where the contract was to be performed);

  • United States ex rel. Harman v. Trinity Industries, Inc., 872 F.3d 645 (5th Cir. 2017) (a False Claim Act case);

  • United States ex rel. Vavra v. Kellogg Brown & Root, Inc., 848 F.3d 366 (5th Cir. 2017) (involving holding contractors liable for the acts of employees under the Anti-Kickback Act); and,

  • Lee's Ford Dock, Inc., ASBCA No. 59041, 16-1 BCA ¶ 36,298 (a case regarding contract “reformation”).

We hope the articles are useful and enlightening.

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