Bid-protest-150x150Bid Protest-Defense

You have won your bid for a government contract after much time and effort.  Suddenly, you find yourself in the middle of a bid protest with either an incumbent who has lost their coveted contract or a contender that you out bid.  If you find your business in this unfortunate position, you should contact the qualified attorneys at Whitcomb Law, PC. Our highly qualified government contracts attorneys will go to work helping you defend against the bid protest and keep your hard-fought government contract.  According to the GAO (Government Accountability Office) who handles a lion’s share of bid-protests, that agency handled nearly 2,500 bid-protests, costs claims, and requests for reconsideration in fiscal year 2012.  The SBA handles bid protests regarding the size of a business and whether it should be considered “small” for the purposes of bidding for government contracts.  If a competitor is contesting whether your business meets the size standards for a small business concern, the attorneys at Whitcomb Law, PC can help defend your small business status.

Bid Protest-Offense

As a business owner, you may have gone to great lengths to obtain 8(a) status, or endured the rigors of obtaining CVE SDVOSB status. If you believe that a competitor company has erroneously or unfairly won a government contract through misrepresentation, then you may wish to file a bid-protest. In that case, we stand ready to help. We will timely file your bid-protest and litigate that contest through the federal court system, if necessary. However, before we do, we will review your case in order to inform you of whether your bid-protest has merit. If it does, we will immediately go to work helping you to fight for the government contract that you should have been rightfully awarded. Remember, if you lose in your bid for a government contract, your time for filing an objection is limited. So, be sure to reach out to us as quickly as possible. We stand ready to help.