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Federal Court Dismisses Case Allowing Banishment of Tribal Members

Sunset Roadless Area Remanded to Study Impact On Resources

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Ohio State University Fails to Own trademark “THE”

Coalition Sues DOE To Enforce Energy-Conservation Standards

Tribal Business Questions OSHA Jurisdiction

EPA Allows Pesticide Linked To Neurological Conditions In People

Shoshone-Bannock Tribes Prevail Against FMC

Protection for Chaco Canyon Sought

President Trump Brings Tricks to Vehicle Standards on Halloween

Maui Coral Reef At Risk

FCC Announces When 2.5 GHz Window Opens For Tribes

Late Breaking Updates

U.S. Supreme Court To Hear Important CERCLA Case

Back Country Backlash from Trademark Bullying

Construction Company Cited for P.P.E. Violations

Five Year Investigation Leads to Lawsuit

Environmental Activists Argue Public Trust Doctrine

EAJA Allows Winning Parties to Recoup Attorney Fees

Nuns' Religious Freedom Claim Barred in Pipeline Opposition

Communication is Key

Craft Beer v. Spiked Beer In Trademark Infringement Case

Standard Operating Procedures Are Key To Safety

The Importance of Safety-Specific Training at Work

Supreme Court Decides in Favor of Yakama Nation

Effective Legal Representation May Save Time and Money

Monetary Sanctions for Environmental Damages

CO Fracking Ban Case Is Asked To Be Reopened

Same Facts, Different Conclusions in Treatment of Cutthroat Trout

Small Community Settles Water Contamination Lawsuit

Environmental Nonprofits Sue BLM And USFS

Fossil Fuel Case To Be Heard In CO State Court

U.S. District Court Rules In Favor Of Brewery’s Trademark

Supreme Court Decides Case Upholding Indian Treaty Rights

Guns N’ Roses & CO Brewery Reach Settlement

Clean Air Act Litigants Prevail In Utah

Electrical Company Suffers On-The-Job Death

Defending Your Case Of Alleged OSHA Violations

Local Cigar Company Wins Trademark Battle

Bridging the Tribal Digital Divide

National Tribal Energy Summit Concludes With New Funding Announcement

New FAR for Low-Tier Small Business Subcontracting Credit

Patagonia's Trademark Suit Against Anheuser-Busch Continues

No Personal Jurisdiction over Trademark Defendants

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Native American Vets Face Unique Challenges

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Can the IRS Take Your Passport for Unpaid Taxes?

Is Your Resume Good Enough for CVE Verification?

Companies Have 30 Days to Notify CVE of Any Structural Changes

Discriminatory Jury Selection: Part One – Batson Challenges

Formation of PACs For Individuals, Breweries, Associations & Guilds

Unions Challenge Reduced Mining Regulations

How the Colorado Criminal Justice System Fails Addicts

Easing the Pain of Divorce - Allocating Parental Duties

Gulf War Veteran Fatally Shot 14 Times by Lodi Police Officers

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Child Support Modification 101

Treating a Growing Epidemic with Mass Incarceration

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Francisco Ruybalid had a very bad day recently

Tragic Long Beach Death - Jury Delivered a Substantial Award

Racial Bias and the Criminal Justice System

Kyree Howard-Walker:  A Case of Mistaken Identity Part II

Kyree Howard-Walker: A Case of Mistaken Identity Part I

Military Retirement Pay and Divorce can be a painful

Music Licensing for Breweries

How the Criminal Justice System is Failing Women

The People versus Race

Living Wills and Medical Powers of Attorney

Sixth Amendment Right to Counsel-Protecting Defendant Autonomy

Navajo Nation Complain Too Late About Alleged "Trust" Violation

Tips on Preparing for a Successful Deposition

Property Ownership and Deeds in Estate Planning

How to Perform Basic Contract Evaluation

Providing for Pets in Your Estate Planning

Your Service Employees Have Special Requirements

Brewery Taproom Laws & Regulations

Cannabis-Infused Beer: When two worlds collide.

What is Probate?

Estate Planning in Colorado

Breaking Up Is Hard to Do: Expulsion of an LLC Member

Incomplete Novation = No Direct Economic Interest

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Digital Media: YouTube, Demonetization and the Adpocalypse

Sovereign Acts and Agency Deference in Contract Disputes

Six Important 2017 Government Contracting Decisions

New Workplace Safety Exam Rule

Are Incontestable To Trademarks Contestable?

Are Incontestable Trademarks Contestable?

Net Neutrality's End and What it Means to You

Can the New Tax Bill Actually Affect To Your Beer Choices?

Could Your Business Survive Debarment from Government Contracts?

Four Important Tax Considerations When Selling Your Business

Three Ways the New Tax Plan Could Affect You

The HUBZone Unification and Business Stability Act of 2017

Hurricane Recovery Contractors Get Emergency Authority

NAICS Code Appeal Moot Due To Contract Officer Cancellation

The Ostensible Subcontractor Rule

Default by the Appellant

Joint Motion to Settle Disputes

Lease Dispute Not Eligible For Summary Judgment

Meaningfully Altering Substance of Record Bad Practice

What You Need to Know About Deceptively Misdescriptive Trademarks

Trademark Settlement Agreements

About the Denial of a Similar Trademark

The Court of Federal Claims and the Protective Order


Government Contract Disputes and the Army

Government Transfers and Exigent Circumstances

The Civilian Board of Contract Appeals

Trademark Likelihood of Confusion

The du Pont Factors & Trademark Law

The Descriptive Requirement of Trademark Law

The Power of the Trademark Examining Attorney

Functions of the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board

Procurement Integrity Act Violation Impact

Understanding Intent to Use Applications

Protecting Trademarks in the Healthcare Industry

Trademark Infringement on the Rise

Apple's Trademark Lawsuit vs Swatch

Food Company Files Willful Infringement & Unfair Competition Claim

How to Avoid Common Errors in Trademark Filing

Rock Band Faces Trademark Lawsuit from The Slants

Colorado Taco Company Involved in Trademark Lawsuit

McDonalds Accused of Trademark Bullying

Changes in the 2017 National Defense Authorization Act

What is a Patent Term Extension and How Do I Get One?

Four Common Legal Opinions On Patents

Two Common Types of Patent Infringement

Protecting Your Healthcare Trademark

What You Need to Know About Bundled Patent Rights

Geographically Descriptive Trademarks: What You Need To Know

Cancelling Solicitation Can Be Abuse of Discretion

Tax Consequences of Property Transfers to Family

Maximum Competition in Government Contracting

The Pink Trademark Dispute

New Rule to Enforce Prime Contractor Payment Accountability

Export Administration Regulations (EAR) Focused on Hacking

VA's Internal Policy Change on Procurement Policy

Books from My Morning Commute

New Rules Proposed for Multiple-Awards

The Importance of a Disputes' Clause in Your Subcontract

What is the Difference Between Trademark and Trade Dress?

Meaningful Discussions Not Allowed Unless They Are

Bad Faith Requires An Intent to Injure

Understanding the Alcohol Tobacco Tax Trade Bureau

Kingdomware Tech. v. US Off SCOTUS Calendar

Clearly Unreasonable Contracting Officer = Increased Costs

Equitable Estoppel Defense and Intellectual Property Infringement

Copyrights, Intellectual Property, and Work Done for Hire

CVE Denies CS-360's Access to VetBiz VIP Database

Crafting a Trademark Application for Your Craft Brew

Whitcomb Law to Represent Colorado Springs on Legal Ethics Issues

Should We Get involved in the Government Marketplace?

Sticking to Contract Terms Essential

Change Orders and Time Extensions: Sound Off Early and Often

International Patent Decision Not Good for InterDigital Inc.

Disney Hit With A Copyright Infringement Suit For “Frozen”

Understanding Copyright Infringement & YouTube Advertising

Small Business Research Fund Awards

Anti-Dumping Order is A Trade Win For U.S Steel Pipe Makers

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Experience and Past Performance Factors

What is a Tax Inversion & Can it Save your Company Money?

Compliance With Material Requirements

Likelihood of Confusion between John Wayne and Duke University?

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