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Consumer Law

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7 min read

Kriner v McDonough-Intent to File

1. Introduction: Harriet H. Kriner's Appeals Process Harriet H. Kriner, the surviving spouse of a United States Army veteran, finds herself in the midst of an appeal process. The Board of Veterans' Appeals has denied her accrued benefits,...

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Misuse of Veteran's Funds Keyboard with Veterans Benefits sign

6 min read

Shorette v McDonough-Misuse of Veteran's Funds

Karen R. Shorette, the legal guardian of veteran Charles R. Shorette, filed a petition for a writ of mandamus and a motion for a preliminary...

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Educational Assistance Benefits Veteran doing pullups

8 min read

Wright v McDonough-Educational Assistance Benefits

Rodney Wright made an appeal after the Board of Veterans' Appeals denied him an extra allowance for his daughter's education. However, the court...

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Class Certification | Veterans Benefits | Disability Lawyer

9 min read

Kernz v McDonough-Class Certification

James M. Kernz initiated an appeal against the decision made by Denis McDonough, the Secretary of Veterans Affairs. In response, the Secretary moved...

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Veteran over a flag Withdrawal of an Administrative Appeal

10 min read

Martinez v. McDonough withdrawal of an administrative appeal

The core of Martinez v. McDonough centers around the crucial question of whether a veteran's decision to withdraw an administrative appeal holds...

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Soldier carrying books related to topic Notice of Disagreement | Request for Reconsideration | VA Benefits Law

4 min read

Encarnacion's Notice of Disagreement and Request for Reconsideration

In the ongoing appeal process, Carmen L. Encarnacion, the surviving spouse of a veteran, is challenging a Board decision that dismissed the veteran's...

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VA Failure to Clarify Intent

5 min read

Edwards v McDonough- VA's Failure to Clarify Intent

Larry D. Edwards is currently challenging the decision made by the Board of Veterans' Appeals, which denied his claim for service connection...

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picture of a court case Extraordinary Relief

11 min read

Prewitt v McDonough Case About Extraordinary Relief

George D. Prewitt, Jr. has taken legal action by filing a petition for extraordinary relief against Denis McDonough, the Secretary of Veterans...

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man and woman in suits, sitting on a bench

2 min read

Workplace Discrimination in the Headlines: Analyzing the De Niro Case

Former employee Graham Chase Robinson has filed a complaint against her previous employer, Canal Productions, Inc., and actor Robert De Niro,...

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Veteran Pension and Spousal Income

3 min read

Hairston v McDonough Veteran Pension and Spousal Income

Arthur L. Hairston, Sr. is currently in the process of appealing a decision made by the Board regarding his non-service-connected pension. This...

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