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Help Choosing A Legal Team | Veteran Run Law Firm | Grit and Knowhow

Why Choose Us For Your Legal Needs?

At Rocky Mountain Disability Law Group, our focus has always been on providing vulnerable populations with top shelf legal services. We do this by...

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Help with my emploment discrimination case | Employment lawyer

Why Choose Us to Help With Your Employment Discrimination Challenges?

Even in at-will states, employers are only allowed to fire their employees for “legal reasons.” The list of illegal reasons includes firing someone...

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How We Can Help You Claim Social Security Disability Benefits

Claim Social Security Disability Benefits with Experienced Attorneys

At Whitcomb Selinsky, PC, you get local experienced attorneys representing you. Joe Whitcomb, Founder and President, spent the beginning of his legal...

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Appeal My VA Disability Claim | VA Disability Lawyer | Veterans Claim

Do You Need to Appeal a Veteran Disability Claim Denial? We Can Help

You fought for your country and now you are faced with fighting for your veterans' benefits. I'm attorney Joe Whitcomb and my first VA case was my...

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USSERA Violation | Employment Lawyers | Unlawful Discrimination

USSERA Challenges? We Can Help

If your employer terminates your employment because of a military deployment, then your employer has broken the law and you may need a lawyer. Well,...

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Help with my social security claim | SSDI Law Firm | Disability lawyer

How We Can Help With You Social Security Disability Claim

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) is a means tested social welfare program administered by the Social Security Administration. This program...

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Government Contracting for Beginners | Small Business Procurement Help

Government Contracting 101

In this video, Joe Whitcomb, founder and owner of Whitcomb Selinski, PC, will cover the basics and 10 ten things you need to consider when thinking...

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Legal Help for Small Businesses | Veteran Owned and Operated

Whitcomb Selinsky, PC, Can Help You With All Of Your Legal Needs

At Whitcomb Selinsky PC, we are committed to providing top-shelf, value-driven legal services to the small business community we serve. Many of our...

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Help with Environmental Law | Super Fund Sites | Regulatory Compliance

Why Choose Us to Help With Your Environmental Law Challenges?

Environmental law can be wrought with hidden regulatory landmines. A good environmental or natural resources attorney can help you avoid unnecessary...

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Mergers and Acquisitions | Government Contracting legal Issues

Government Contract Issues with Mergers and Acquisitions

Government contractors have significantly increased mergers and acquisitions in recent years. A stream of recent stories in the Washington Post and...

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