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A division of Whitcomb Selinsky, PC proudly focused on Veterans and Veteran Owned Businesses.


Offering comprehensive legal services to vets and veteran-owned businesses.

We are Veterans Too

Our firm founder, Joseph Whitcomb, is a former Army Ranger who served in Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm. Our senior attorney for veterans affairs, Ken Enright, is a former artilleryman who served in Operation Iraqi Freedom. Our veterans' disability benefits case managers are veterans. We understand the complexities of the appeals process because we have been through it ourselves.

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Why Was My VA Claim Denied?

Claims are denied for various reasons, but usually, the VA denies them because you failed to establish all three elements of service connection.

There are several ways to appeal this decision:

  1. Supplemental Claim
  2. Higher-Level Review
  3. Board of Veterans Appeals (BVA)

Our VA disability legal team is comprised entirely of veterans, and we have first-hand experience with the VA claims process. We know what you are going through because we’ve been where you are.

We will help you navigate through the appeal process and select the best appeal route for your case. We will also help you identify, gather, and submit favorable evidence. It is our responsibility to know the legal protocol and present your case with the utmost professional standards. We are your advocates throughout the entire process.

If you have a current disability that was caused by or made worse during your military service, contact us. At Rocky Mountain Disability Law Group, our dedicated team of veteran disability benefits professionals will partner with you throughout the appeal process. We stand by your side, so you do not have to do it alone.

Not Sure if You Qualify for VA Disability Benefits?

Certain severe disabilities or conditions may be eligible for additional special monthly compensation (SMC).

At Rocky Mountain Disability Law Group, our disability claim experts can assist you with collecting the necessary information needed for your claim. If your initial claim was denied, we can assist in appealing your case before the VA.

To be considered for VA disability compensation, you must meet the following basic criteria:

Criteria 1: Current diagnosis or limitation.

Criteria 2: In-service event, incident, or symptom onset.

Criteria 3: A link between the two (a.k.a. the nexus)

If you are still not sure if you qualify for VA compensation benefits, call our VA specialists at

(866) 476-4558 or complete the form below to schedule a FREE consultation.

Meet Your Veterans Law Legal Team

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Joe Whitcomb

Founder and President

Joe also represented himself before the Board of Veterans’ Appeals in an appeal that took more than five years. As a result, he learned how unnecessarily complex the VA appeals process was and decided to make representing veterans in this process a priority in his legal practice. As a veteran business owner, Joe also saw an opportunity to help other veteran business owners increase their bottom line. He did this by helping them pursue and win government contracts.

Ken_WSPC 2023 design

Ken Enright

Senior Attorney

Ken counsels military veterans to help them obtain the VA disability benefits they are entitled to. He provides representation at both the Agency and Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims. Ken also assists clients by providing representation at Board of Veterans’ Appeals hearings.

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Rachel Gomez

Veteran Affairs (VA) Disability Benefits Case Manager

Rachel proudly served the United States during her time in the U.S. Marine Corps and served overseas in Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) as an Ordnanceman. Besides helping veterans with their legal claims, Rachel assists with planning a yearly Veterans hike in Milwaukee through “Irreverent Warriors”, an organization aimed at bringing veterans together using humor and camaraderie to improve mental health and prevent veteran suicide. Rachel continues to educate herself on veteran’s issues and is currently researching chemical exposure and its impact on Veteran’s health.

Vicki_WSPC 2023 design

Vicki Figol

Veteran Affairs (VA) Disability Benefits Case Manager

Vicki is empathic to the frustrations felt by those submitting claims and waiting for an answer from the VA. Determined to alleviate these negative feelings, Vicki works diligently to ensure the appropriate and correct forms and paperwork are submitted in a timely manner and presents and argues well-prepared briefs as needed. She utilizes her medical background to understand the terminology of the conditions, symptoms, and treatment documented in service training records and VA medical records. She uses this knowledge to ensure her clients receive the correct disability rating for their claims.

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