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The Litigation Issue

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By Nathan J. D. Veldhuis

I am very grateful for the opportunity to have been elected chair of the board of the largest
section of the Virginia State Bar, namely, the Litigation Section — to which this edition
of Virginia Lawyer is dedicated. This year the board will hold four scheduled meetings: two of them at the Virginia State Bar in Richmond, one in Warrenton, and one in

These meetings will help enrich collegiality within the board and provide, ideally, less driving for some who are attending a given meeting. Looking forward, the Litigation
Section is planning a CLE in conjunction with the Federal Bar Association on October 25,
2018, at the Richmond Division courthouse of the Eastern District Court of Virginia,
generously overseen by Judges Gibney and Payne. More information on this event may
be found on page 27 of this magazine.

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