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Consumer Law

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Wills, Trusts & Estates

Estate Planning | Validity of Wills | Probate Lawyers

6 min read

Estate planning and fights over the validity of wills

Challenging a Will's Validity If you are in the midst of estate planning and you want to be sure your will won't be declared invalid in the future,...

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challenging the validity of a will

2 min read

Challenging the Validity of a Will: The Supreme Court's Decision

Linda Lou Craig, the granddaughter and sole heir of Lulu Ann King, is currently challenging the validity of her grandmother's will, citing concerns...

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Complex Legal Battle | Reformation of a Will  | Late Mother's Estate

2 min read

Complex Legal Battle: Colorado Court's Ruling on Late Mother's Estate

In the case of In re Estate of Ramstetter, the Colorado Court of Appeals, Division III, was faced with a complex dispute between three sisters over...

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Estate Planning Attorney | Will Dispute | Probate Lawyer

3 min read

Colorado Court of Appeals Ruling Sparks Intense Will Dispute

what happens when there are two wills? In this intriguing case, the validity of two wills and the appropriateness of a notice of lis pendens in a...

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Legal Battle | Grandma's Will | Probate Lawyer

2 min read

Craig v. Rider A Legal Battle over Grandma's Will

Contested Will Linda Lou Craig finds herself in a legal battle over her grandmother's will, as she firmly believes that her grandmother was not...

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Estate Planning | Pet Trusts | Probate Lawyer

2 min read

Estate Planning with Pets and Pet Trusts

In many cases when an individual dies, the individual’s pets are surrendered to shelters. In other cases, pets are distributed to whoever receives...

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