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Navigating VA Disability Claims: How We Can Help

I need help with my VA disability claim | VA Benefits Attorney

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The key takeaways from this video

  • An acknowledgement of the potential frustration and complexity that veterans might face when navigating Social Security and Veterans Affairs (VA) disability benefits.
  • Introduction of the Rocky Mountain Disability Law Group, a division of Whitcomb Sinsky PC, which focuses solely on aiding individuals with Social Security and VA disability benefits.
  • Insights into the claims filing process, which, while not overly complicated, often necessitates an appeal.
  • The group assists in preparing cases for hearings and gathering necessary evidence.
  • Explanation of eligibility criteria for Social Security disability benefits and additional potential benefits for qualifying individuals.
  • Highlighting of the firm's experience and specialization in Social Security and VA disability benefits - a focus for over twelve years.
  • Presentation of two success stories: a case where the firm succeeded in proving a client's disability over a specific one-month period after years of attempts, and another case where they successfully sued Social Security in federal court.

The video highlights the challenges individuals face when navigating the complexities of Social Security and VA disability benefits. It mentions the Rocky Mountain Disability Law Group, a division of Whitcomb Sinsky PC, as a valuable resource for those seeking assistance with these benefits. The law group specializes in helping individuals with Social Security and VA disability benefits, and they provide support throughout the claims filing process, including appeals. They gather necessary evidence and prepare cases for hearings in front of administrative law judges. The post emphasizes the importance of proving one's inability to work in order to receive benefits, and mentions additional benefits like Medicaid and Medicare that may be available. It also discusses the origins of the law group, which initially focused on Social Security Disability and later expanded to include VA claims. The speaker, who has over a dozen years of experience with Social Security disability claims, shares a compelling success story of a client with unique circumstances. The post provides contact information for the Rocky Mountain Disability Law Group and encourages interested parties to reach out for assistance.

The firm faced a unique challenge when their client had a brief one-month period, a decade ago, during which they could be classified as disabled. It required extensive effort on the firm's part to prove that the client had indeed become disabled within that specific timeframe. Initially, they lost the initial hearing, but their perseverance paid off when they emerged victorious on appeal. However, their victory was short-lived as the case was sent back for another hearing, resulting in yet another loss and subsequent appeal failure. At this crucial juncture, the firm had to make a difficult decision - whether to concede or take the case to federal court. Opting for the latter, they filed a lawsuit and achieved a resounding success, pushing the case back for a third hearing. Finally, the firm skillfully argued the client's case, ultimately securing their rightful benefits. As a result, the client not only received back pay and monthly benefits but also gained access to Medicare. Throughout the video, the speaker repeatedly mentions the website for the Rocky Mountain Disability Law Group (RMDLG), emphasizing their role as a valuable resource. To further facilitate contact, the speaker provides an email address and phone number for individuals seeking assistance. RMDLG is dedicated to helping individuals with social security disability claims and appeals. It is important to note that this segment is sponsored by RMDLG.