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How We Can Help With VA Benefits

How We Can Help With VA Benefits

In this video, we cover how Whitcomb Selinsky, PC, and Rocky Mountain Disability Law Group can help you with your VA benefits

If you have questions or need help getting started on VA benefits applications and claims, contact us.

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00:00:00 - 00:00:05
My name is Joe Whitcomb, owner and founder of Rocky Mountain Disability Law Group. 

00:00:05 - 00:00:08
I am an attorney and service connected veteran. 

00:00:08 - 00:00:14
The primary mission of my firm is to help veterans in every way possible through their transition from service. 

00:00:14 - 00:00:23
I hope the following video is helpful. If you are preparing to ETS from service, there are some things you need to do to get ready for that big day. 

00:00:23 - 00:00:35
You might be thinking about continuing education, whether you are considering a degree program or vocational training, there are potentially va benefits that you can use to meet your goals. 

00:00:35 - 00:00:54
Free va healthcare is not automatic unless you receive compensation and pension benefits for a service connected disability, veterans wishing to receive access to free health care must complete a financial assessment form and submit it to find out what if any co payments will be required. 

00:00:54 - 00:01:07
Veterans who experienced an impairment that was occurred during service or aggravated while in service will be entitled to service connected disability benefits. 

00:01:07 - 00:01:13
Disability benefits are awarded in increments between 10 and 100% based on the level of impairment. 

00:01:13 - 00:01:32
Assuming you have a qualifying honorable period of military service, you may qualify for one or all of the following va benefits, health care benefits, education benefits, compensation, and pension and vocational rehabilitation benefits. 

00:01:32 - 00:01:39
The four steps for benefits include applying for benefits, uploading supporting documents. 

00:01:39 - 00:01:57
Some require completing an examination and then awaiting a decision to shorten the time you wait for your benefits after you separate, consider applying for whatever benefits you are interested in between 60 100 and 80 days before your ETS date. 

00:01:57 - 00:02:04
The easiest way to apply is to use the V A's website at www dot E benefits dot va dot gov. 

00:02:04 - 00:02:15
The va application process is not necessarily intuitive if done incorrectly or incompletely, the process can drag on for months or even years. 

00:02:15 - 00:02:22
If you find yourself confused or frustrated, there are resources you can use to make the process a little easier. 

00:02:22 - 00:02:28
The resources available to you are listed at the link provided below. 

00:02:28 - 00:02:33
They include claims reps, veteran service organizations and accredited attorneys. 

00:02:33 - 00:02:38
The link below is searchable by the type of representative you want and where you need the representation. 

00:02:38 - 00:02:46
Please be aware. Federal law prevents any representative from charging you for any service unless they help you win benefits. 

00:02:46 - 00:02:53
After the notice of disagreement stage, no individual or organization can charge you for helping you complete an application. 

00:02:53 - 00:02:60
If you need additional assistance, please contact our office to speak to one of our trained legal staff. 

00:02:60 - 00:03:04
We have helped more than 100 veterans in their pursuit of compensation and pension benefits. 

00:03:04 - 00:03:07
Call to see if we are the right firm for you.