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How RMDLG Can Help with Social Security and VA Disability Claims

Do I need a VA disability lawyer

In this video, Brandon Selinsky, attorney and COO for Whitcomb Selinski, PC, will cover how Whitcomb Selinsky, PC and Rocky Mountain Disability Law Group can help you with your VA disability claim.

If you have questions or need help getting started on a VA disability claim, help with a current claim or appealing a denial, contact us.

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This video is an expression of gratitude to veterans and an acknowledgment of the challenges faced while dealing with Social Security and VA disability benefits- Rocky Mountain Disability Law Group (RMDLG) is introduced as an organization that is aimed to assist veterans in this process. It emphasizes that it is founded on the principle of veterans helping veterans- Ken Enright and Joe, who are attorneys and veterans, shed light on their experiences and assert their understanding and empathy for others navigating similar situations- They stress the necessity of proper documentation and patience when filing a claim- The webinar illustrates examples of successful cases handled by RMDLG, including a case where a woman struggled to receive unemployability benefits from the VA- Importance of client satisfaction and a mutual financial incentive for RMDLG to secure maximum benefits for their clients is discussed- They provide information on how you can get in touch with the firm for further assistance.

The interview delves into the comprehensive services provided by Rocky Mountain Disability Law Group (RMDLG), a distinguished division of Whitcomb Selinsky PC. Ken Enright, an esteemed attorney and veteran, takes center stage as the interviewee, offering invaluable insights. RMDLG specializes in social security and VA disability benefits, with Enright lending his expertise to help veterans navigate the intricate VA system. During the interview, Enright sheds light on the daunting challenges faced by veterans when filing a VA disability claim, including the lengthy processing times. Many deserving veterans are unjustly denied benefits due to insufficient documentation of their injuries or the inability to establish a clear link between their current condition and their military service. Fortunately, RMDLG comes to the rescue by connecting veterans with medical professionals and assisting them in securing the vital evidence needed to support their case. What sets RMDLG apart is its unwavering dedication to the principle of "veterans helping veterans," a testament to the firm's founder, the esteemed veteran Joe Whitcomb.

Enright shares his personal military journey, serving as a cannon crew member and artilleryman in the army. He empathizes with the challenges veterans face when seeking VA disability benefits, having personally filed for them as well. Enright illustrates the impact of RMDLG's assistance by recounting a client's story. Initially, the VA rated her back injury low, but as her condition worsened, she pursued unemployability benefits for greater financial support. Despite facing multiple denials, RMDLG relentlessly fought for her case and eventually secured her the unemployability benefits she deserved. This milestone not only provided financial stability but also enabled her to fulfill her dream of owning a home. Enright delves into the array of services RMDLG offers to guide veterans through the complexities of social security and VA disability benefits. He emphasizes that the VA process can be lengthy and hiring an attorney does not guarantee a specific outcome. However, RMDLG's unique fee structure, where they only receive payment if their clients obtain benefits, motivates the firm to tirelessly pursue the maximum benefits for their clients.

RMDLG places utmost importance on client satisfaction and strives to ensure that every client is pleased with the outcome of their case. If you need assistance with your disability benefit claims or appeals, you can easily reach out to RMDLG through their website or by phone. Ken Enright's passion for helping veterans led him to attend law school, and he attributes his career to a pivotal internship in Washington, D.C. The interviewer expresses gratitude for Enright's valuable work and acknowledges the significance of RMDLG's services. For those interested in contacting the firm, the interviewer provides the phone number and website, allowing viewers to access the necessary support for their disability claims. Finally, the segment concludes with a mention of RMDLG's website,, reinforcing the firm's online presence. This segment is proudly sponsored by the esteemed Rocky Mountain Disability Law Group.