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Navigating SSA Form SSA 3368

Form SSA 3368, which is also known as the Adult Disability Report Reform, is one of the most vital forms of filing for disability benefits. The Disability Determination Service (DDS) uses the form to review a person’s disability claim and ultimately make a decision about whether that individual is eligible for benefits. Whether the form is filed online or as a hard copy, the assistance of a skilled disability attorney is often essential because these forms detail all of the essential elements for a Social Security Administration disability application.

Information Contained in SSA Form 3368

The DDS reviews an individual’s disability application to decide whether that person qualifies for the Social Security Administration’s eligibility rules to receive disability benefits. A Form 3368 is important because it includes several types of information:

  • Contact Information. The form provides contact information for a person’s health care providers.

  • Employment Details. Various details about an individual’s past employment, pay rate, and other job-related details are contained in a Form 3368. 3368 forms also contain information about a person’s “employability” and ability to work including any serious medical conditions, job training, and educational background of the person who is applying for disability benefits.

  • Medical Conditions. Details about an individual’s medical condition, diagnosis, and any treatment received will be contained in a Form 3368.

  • Other Individuals. 3368 forms frequently contain information about other people who are knowledgeable about a person’s disability and job history. Some of these individuals include family members, friends, and social workers.

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How Form 3368 is used

After completing Form 3368, a person’s case will be assigned to a disability claims examiner. This examiner will use the disability report to evaluate a claim. The more extensive and accurate information that an individual can provide, the easier time the examiner will have evaluating a person’s case. In the event that a Form 3368 is incomplete or the information that a person provides is insufficient, the disability examiner will perform a follow-up investigation which can result in several month delays for an individual receiving physical and mental health disability benefits. As a result, it is very important for individuals to double check the information that is provided on a Form 3368 to ensure that there is no difficulty presented in the case.

Obtain the Assistance of a Knowledgeable Disability Attorney

Legal counsel that is specialized in handling disability claims can prove particularly beneficial for individuals who need to fill out Form 3368. This type of attorney or disability lawyer can answer any questions that might arise with the form as well as provide advice on what information should be listed on the application. In the event that an individual must attend an appeals' hearing, legal counsel may increase the chances of an individual receiving disability approval. If you are in the process of filling out a Form 3368 or need additional information, do not hesitate to contact Whitcomb, Selinsky, PC and its disability arm, Rocky Mountain Disability Law Group, Located in Denver, can be reached at (303) 534-1958 or by filling out a convenient online form.