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Arbitration Reporting in California: Compliance with CCP §1281.96

By Matthew Waldron, Victoria Yundt, Kristian Zanis, Jonathan Perrone, Corbin McVeigh, and Deeba Fahami


32 firms appear to be offering consumer arbitration services in California. Of those, only 11 firms follow the substantive requirements of §1281.96(a) , and of those, only three firms can be said to evidence robust and full compliance with the statutory regime, including §1281.96(b)’s formal requirements as to format, timing and depth of reporting.

Some 11 firms self-reported to us that they were not covered by §1281.96, either due to not performing arbitration services, or for other reasons. 9 firms did not respond to our emails or phone calls; they may not be in business any longer.


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