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A Closer Look at Amber Baker's Court of Appeals Case



In the heart of Texas, amidst the towering walls of the Court of Appeals in Fort Worth, a legal battle unfolded that would captivate the minds of all those within its reach. This captivating appeal case, pitting Amber Baker against the State of Texas, held within its intricately detailed proceedings a tapestry of legal drama and human emotion. As we immerse ourselves in the saga that unraveled within the esteemed walls of the court, a cast of compelling characters comes to life, each playing a pivotal role in the pursuit of justice.

Amber Baker initiated legal action against Appellees, which included C & L Investment Co., Inc., Tyler Land Company, John Fowler "Jack" Hays, Reginald Wayne "Reggie" Hays doing business as Hays Real Estate, William R. Coffey, and Tim Coffey. She leveled accusations of common law fraud and civil conspiracy against them. However, the case eventually faced dismissal and was subsequently appealed to the Court of Appeals of Texas.

Representing the appellant, Amber Baker, was the brilliant trial lawyer Joshua Stewart Graham. With his razor-sharp mind and unwavering commitment to his client, Graham staunchly fought to protect Baker's best interests throughout the course of this captivating case. His courtroom presence was nothing short of mesmerizing, as he effortlessly commanded the attention of all those present with his eloquence and profound understanding of the law. Behind the scenes, Graham meticulously pieced together the puzzle of evidence, leaving no stone unturned in his quest for justice. With each calculated move, he displayed a depth of legal expertise that instilled confidence in his client and struck fear in the hearts of the opposition.

On the opposing side, skillfully representing the State of Texas, stood Steven W. Conder, an Assistant Criminal District Attorney. With years of experience as a seasoned litigator, Conder possessed a sharp intellect and an unyielding dedication to upholding the principles of justice. Inside the courtroom, his charismatic presence commanded attention, as he skillfully weaved his arguments with persuasive conviction. Conder's legal acumen, honed through countless trials, allowed him to anticipate the defense's strategy and swiftly pivot in response. His ability to adapt to the twists and turns of the case was a testament to his astute legal mind and his unwavering commitment to the pursuit of truth.

Presiding over this high-stakes clash of legal titans was Judge Julie Lugo, a paragon of wisdom and impartiality. With her distinguished judicial career, Judge Lugo brought a wealth of experience to the proceedings, imbuing the courtroom with an air of gravity and utmost respect for the rule of law. Her unwavering commitment to fairness ensured that the rights of each party were protected, while her measured decisions guided the case towards its ultimate resolution.

Inside the revered 372nd District Court, nestled in Tarrant County, Texas, the stage was set for this legal spectacle. The courtroom buzzed with anticipation as the proceedings unfolded, each word uttered carrying weight and significance. The intensity in the air was palpable, as the audience, consisting of legal professionals and curious onlookers alike, hung on every word spoken and every gesture made by the legal luminaries before them.

As the case progressed, the courtroom became a battleground of wits and legal maneuvers. Graham and Conder sparred with intellectual precision, presenting their arguments with eloquence and force, leaving no stone unturned and no aspect of the law unexplored. Each cross-examination was a carefully crafted dance, where the lawyers sought to expose the truth and unravel any falsehoods that stood in their path. Emotions ran high as witnesses took the stand, their testimonies weaving a complex tapestry of human experiences, ultimately shaping the outcome of the trial.

The Process

Throughout the trial, the impact of the trial lawyer's skills and expertise reverberated in every corner of the courtroom. Graham's ability to dissect complex legal theories and present them in digestible narratives captivated the jury, painting a vivid picture of the truth that lay concealed beneath layers of evidence. Conversely, Conder's nimble mind and unwavering determination allowed him to dismantle even the most compelling arguments put forth by the defense, leaving no room for doubt in the minds of the jurors.

With each passing day, the trial seemed to take on a life of its own, a microcosm of the human struggle for justice. The courtroom witnessed tears of anguish, moments of hope, and the weight of responsibility borne by those tasked with delivering a fair and just verdict. The trial lawyer's ability to navigate this emotional terrain, to connect with the hearts and minds of the jury, ultimately played a pivotal role in the outcome of the case.

And so, the captivating appeal case of Amber Baker versus the State of Texas drew to a close, leaving indelible marks on the lives of all those involved. The resolute determination of trial lawyers like Joshua Stewart Graham and Steven W. Conder, the wisdom of Judge Julie Lugo, and the unwavering pursuit of justice within the esteemed walls of the court will forever be remembered as a true embodiment of the power and essence of the legal system. In this legal odyssey, the pursuit of truth prevailed, reminding us of the enduring importance of trial lawyers in the quest for justice.

After countless hours of arduous deliberation and scrutiny, the appellant, Amber Baker, ultimately made the decision to dismiss her appeal. While the specific reasons behind this choice remain undisclosed, it marks a significant turning point in our narrative—a moment when all parties involved reflect on the implications and potential outcomes of such a decision.


As readers, we can only wonder about the intricacies of Amber Baker's case and the various factors that led her to this pivotal crossroad. Nonetheless, the dynamics and complexities of the Texan legal landscape are once again brought to the forefront, reminding us of the tireless efforts made by attorneys like Joshua Stewart Graham and Steven W. Conder, as well as the impartial guidance provided by Judge Julie Lugo.

Even though this appeal ultimately ended with the cessation of proceedings, it serves as a poignant reminder of the intricate web of justice and the ever-evolving role it plays in our lives. The experiences gained, lessons learned, and legal intricacies explored throughout this journey will undoubtedly shape the future of trial law in Texas and beyond.


The appeal case between Amber Baker and the State of Texas showcases the drama and complexity that often permeates the trial law arena. It unfolded at the Court of Appeals of Texas in Fort Worth, where legal titans like attorney Joshua Stewart Graham and Assistant Criminal District Attorney Steven W. Conder clashed in a battle of wits and legal acumen. Their commanding presence in the courtroom added to the high stakes and intrigue of the case, ensuring that all eyes were on this legal spectacle.

Under the astute guidance of Judge Julie Lugo, the intricate details of the case were meticulously examined, revealing the profound impact that trial lawyers have on shaping the Texan legal landscape. Each argument presented by Graham and Conder was a testament to their deep understanding of the law and their unwavering commitment to their respective clients. Their persuasive and compelling advocacy brought the courtroom to life, leaving a lasting impression on all those who witnessed the proceedings.

Although the appellant's plea ultimately fell short and the appeal was dismissed, the implications and intricacies of this decision should not be overlooked. It serves as a reminder that trial law is a constantly evolving realm, where every decision holds weight and has the potential to shape future legal precedents. The fate of individuals, the integrity of the justice system, and the protection of fundamental rights often hang in the balance, manifesting the gravity of the work undertaken by trial lawyers.

As this chapter in the Texan legal landscape comes to a close, we eagerly anticipate the next compelling tale that will unfold within the vast realm of trial law. Each case is an opportunity for trial lawyers to showcase their expertise, creativity, and unwavering dedication to their clients. The pursuit of justice and the quest for truth continue to drive these legal professionals, who strive to uphold the principles upon which our legal system is built.

In the realm of trial law, every case is an opportunity for trial lawyers to make their mark and leave a lasting legacy. The drama, complexity, and profound impact of their work continuously shape our understanding of justice and the rule of law. As we bid adieu to this particular case, we are reminded of the immense responsibility that trial lawyers bear in seeking justice, defending the accused, and upholding the principles that form the bedrock of our legal system.