Getting In and Getting Out: How to Buy and Sell a Brewery

As the craft beer market condenses and consolidates, more breweries are changing hands. Come learn how to buy and sell a brewery with Denver’s Whitcomb, Selinsky. We’ll also have a banker from Sunflower Bank to explain how to fund your venture. And we’ll have Bruz beer. Have you had Bruz beer?!
Date and Time: April 10th at 5:00 p.m.
Location: Bruz Beers, 1675 W 67th Ave #100, Denver, CO 80221 (map)

Tradesmart: Trademark and Label Art Errors to Avoid

The more breweries that pop up, the more beer that is made! But also, the more toes to step on. Brandon Selinsky, a trademark attorney with Denver’s Whitcomb, Selinsky, will provide tips on how to avoid those toes and the heavy costs that come with them. We’ll talk about brewery names and beer labels, easy ways to hedge your bets, and we’ll drink some rebellious Renegade beer.
Date and Time: April 9th at 5:30 p.m.
Location: Renegade Brewing Company, 925 W. 9th Ave., Denver, CO 80204 (map)

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