Maine, International Trade, and Lobster

What do Maine, International Trade, and Lobster have in common? When one thinks of Maine, a few things come to mind: fresh lobster, cold winters, its beautiful coastline bordering the Atlantic Ocean.  Next on the list: international trade?  While it’s not currently the first thing to pop into the mind when thinking about Maine, that could soon change.  Maine has a strong international trade center, aptly named the Maine International Trade Center (MITC), which was recently approved by the federal

Researching International Business Customs Before the Trip

International Business Customs in Business Practices If you’re engaged in international business, chances are at some point, you’ll need to travel to the country in which you have or conduct business.  Whether it’s China, Russia, Vietnam, France, or some other country, knowing the international business customs is imperative.  In fact, since English is the business language for most countries, it is often more important than knowing the local language.  There are some unique international business customs around the world and

Why Canada’s Franchise Disclosure Legislation Can Affect Your Company

Canada’s Franchise Disclosure Legislation Due to its proximity to the United States, expanding operations into Canada is a natural progression for many companies, particularly those based out of northern states. Despite its physical proximity, businesses expanding into Canada still face the challenges of conducting an international business. One such challenge is knowing and ensuring compliance with foreign laws; consulting with an attorney is always recommended if you want to move past our northern border. One of the ways that U.S.

US-China Relations: How Tires Cause Friction Between Nations

US-China Relations: Where the Rubber Meets for the Road US-China relations  is a fascinating case study in international law. The two superpowers seem to butt heads on everything. From trade rules to human rights, it seems more newsworthy when the two countries agree than when they disagree. Recent news foreshadowed what may be the next source of tension between the countries: tires. The US International Trade Commission (US ITC) voted to begin an investigation into possible “dumping” of tires imported

WTO Issues Mixed Ruling In US-China Case

Will WTO ruling intensify or lessen Chinese-U.S. tensions? The World Trade Organization (WTO) Appellate Body issued a decision this week in an appeal by China to overturn a U.S. law, Public Law 112 – 99, as inconsistent with international trade rules.  Who won? It depends on who you ask, although both sides have issued statements claiming victory. The U.S. rule stands, but the body ruled in favor of China on another related issue. Law Aimed at Countering Trade Subsidies The U.S. law at