Why So Sirius? The Turtles Win Copyright Protections Lawsuit

What Requires Copyright Protections? We live in a world where music, art and drama can be live at our fingertips. Just think back a few years to when YouTube didn’t exist and live streaming radio stations on the internet such as Pandora and Sirius XM were ideas of the future. However, now, these are all everyday luxuries. Despite all of us being accustomed to having digital music streaming live all day, these digital music businesses have found themselves caught

How Trade Laws Can Protect Businesses from Chinese Hackers

Recent news headlines have highlighted the hackers that are breaking into our systems and stealing our information.  Target got hacked a few months ago, and just recently, Home Depot had a security breach where thousands of people had their credit card and debit card numbers stolen. What can be done about these types of situations? It is frightening to think about how many people internationally, from China to Russia to Ukraine to Africa and domestically, are trying to find their

Can Broadcasters Protect Media Rights in their Broadcasts?

What media rights are associated with broadcasts? Fans of football, soccer, tennis, and even enthusiasts of the Olympic Games can all now enjoy listening and sharing in the excitement of these games through advanced broadcast technology.  Advances in the communications technologies such as cable, broadband, direct TV, mobile internet and satellite have transformed the viewing ability of millions across the globe. It’s more than just fun and game; the issue of sports is such a big business that media

Are Parodies Protected Under Copyright Law?

Is copyright infringement ever funny? If you’ve ever watched TV, listened to the radio, or been to a movie, you have likely witnessed a parody, whether you were aware of it or not.  A parody is an “imitative work created to imitate or comment on an original work, its subject, author, style or some other target by means of satiric or ironic imitation.”  By its very definition, a parody draws upon an original work by either using the same

Apple Inc. Earns Unique Trademark Intellectual Property

Apple, Inc. presents a host of interesting case studies for anyone involved in international business, particularly in the area of international intellectual property law. Anyone that’s read Walter Isaacson’s book on Steve Jobs or otherwise followed the company knows that Steve Jobs was passionate, if not fanatical, about the quality and presentation of Apple products. The look and feel of the products themselves, the packing, and eventually the Apple stores, were all designed with a level of detail arguably matched

Copyright and a Monkey “SELFIE”

Do you have a Complicated Copyright? Read this story. Imagine this: a man is on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi taking photos of crested black macaques, when one of the monkeys takes the man’s camera and snaps a couple hundred photos. This isn’t the start of a bad joke or a fictional scenario; rather, it is the humorous start to what has become a widely publicized international copyright issue. Most of the photos taken by the monkey were blurry and unusable, however,

How to Protect Your Business’ Name Protection in a Global Market

Protecting Your Business Name Can Be Much More Difficult in a Global Market There are many factors to consider when choosing and protecting your business name.  As discussed in an earlier post, trademarks are one of those factors.  If you currently do or are planning to do business internationally, you need to be aware of the intellectual property laws in each country in which you plan to do business. Registering your trademark in Country A does not automatically mean that