Estate Planning Advice Before Traveling

Each year during the spring and summer, many individuals take vacations to the beach, ski slopes, or various foreign locations. During the trip planning process for many people, not enough consideration is made for various estate planning concerns. Instead, individuals focus on budgeting time and finances to make such a trip possible. Individuals, however, who plan to go on even small vacations should make sure to perform adequate estate planning. With reports showing that paid holidays are available to 77 percent

Hospital Refuses to Perform DNA Harvest on Deceased Man due to Lack of End of Life Documents

A Colorado woman has faced substantial difficulties in using her deceased boyfriend’s DNA to create a child because the man died without lack of estate planning documents. Although the man’s girlfriend planned to use his sperm to have a child, the hospital where the man died refused to perform the DNA harvest because the man died without proper end of life documents. Because sperm’s viability only lasts a period of 24 to 48 hours after death, the woman now appears to have

Tax Consequences of Property Transfers to Family

Property transfers to family members can have tax consequences.  Business owners should have estate plans, but many owners are unaware of the tax implications associated with recapitalizing their business entities to help family members. Business owners probably already know that sales of stock, for example, have tax consequences. Selling stock for an amount for more than was paid for it (“in excess of basis”), results in a taxable gain. However, they may not realize that there are other transfers of property

Should I Take my Healthcare Claims to Arbitration?

A recent Pennsylvania appellate case permitted a nursing home facility to arbitrate the negligence healthcare claims against it.  Alternative dispute resolution (ADR), which includes arbitration, has risen as a strong alternative to the court system.  The healthcare attorneys at Whitcomb Law, P.C. understand its relationship to the healthcare sector and its importance in handling civil matters in a less adversarial process. The Rise of ADR ADR refers to the resolution of civil cases without a trial, outside of the typical court