Brewery Taprooms, Samples, and On-Premises Sales: a Wide Variety of Laws and Regulations

Following Prohibition’s repeal in 1933, the regulation of commerce in alcohol was widely delegated to the individual states. Save for broad constitutional parameters and minimal Federal alcohol laws (such as the 1986 National Minimum Drinking Age Act), the states and their localities possess power to regulate alcohol from manufacturer to wholesaler to retailer to consumer and everywhere in between. States do so in ways that advance their individual policy goals, including promoting competition and orderly markets, ensuring product safety

Cannabis-Infused Beer: When two worlds collide.

With the nation’s demand for recreational marijuana on a steady incline and the national beer consumption rates down in recent years, some of those in the beer industry have begun exploring the world of cannabis-infused beer. Federally, THC and CBD are products of marijuana, a Schedule 1 Drug according to the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and, consequently, they may not be sold across state lines, even for states in which marijuana is legal. Although recreational marijuana has strides to