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Summary of Size and Status Protests​As the value of government contracts increases, so does the likelihood your company, as the winning bidder, will face a size and standard protest from a disappointed bidder.

Defending a size and standard protest is at best annoying and, at worst, truly concerning.  However, there are several things that can be done to protect your business well before a protest is filed, and few more in the unfortunate event you face a size and standard protest.​ 

We invite you to read our eBook "A Summary of Size and Status Protests," and learn more about:

  • Avoiding Small Business Association (SBA) Adverse Outcomes​
  • Small Business Association (SBA)​ Issues Proposed Rule Change​
  • Size Status Protest Dismissal Sustained by Office of Hearings and Appeals (​OHA)​
  • HUBZone Program Needs Policing​​
  • Changes Ahead for the Small Business Association (SBA)​ HUBZone Program​
  • Small Business Association (SBA) and The Federal Acquisition Regulatory (FAR) Council's Lack of Rule Making Confusing
  • Small Business Association (SBA)​ Protest Regarding Two Classes of Stock​
  • United States Court of Federal Claims (CoFC) Overturns Center for Verification and Evaluation's​ (CVE) Revocation of Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business​ (SDVOSB) Status​