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As a result of technological advances, an aging population and policy changes, the healthcare law sector has and continues to experience significant changes ranging from the way medical care is delivered to how it is paid for.  As the industry evolves, so does the law governing it. The Affordable Care Act and the parallel state laws and regulations are just the most well-known examples of a changing and complex legal environment.

The healthcare law attorneys at Whitcomb Law, P.C. understand the law and focus on serving public and private healthcare providers of all sizes across medical fields.

Compliance and Eligibility

When it comes to healthcare law, the attorneys at Whitcomb Law, P.C. truly strive to be “counselors at law,” focused on advising medical providers as to their obligations under the law and helping them develop cost effective strategies for meeting these obligations. We understand that providers must balance the need to comply with all local, state, and federal laws and regulations with the necessity of covering business costs, all while also ensuring that patient care is at the highest possible level.

HIPAA and privacy law compliance, as well as Medicare eligibility and compliance, are two areas where medical providers frequently need and can significantly benefit from counsel.  Failure to comply with the ever-changing HIPAA and Medicare laws is a large financial risk for providers who can be subject hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines.  Moreover, with respect to HIPAA, the public’s knowledge of this area of law has grown and with it the number of HIPAA complaints filed against providers.  We stay up to date on changes in healthcare law and policy that may impact your practice.

Medical Malpractice Defense

Another section of our healthcare practice includes medical malpractice defense for physicians and facilities. A medical malpractice claim is one of the more difficult civil litigation cases to handle because it involves both complex technical facts requiring expert opinions and because emotions are often entangled.  Physicians and other individual medical providers often view the claims as attacks on their professional competence and in fact, they can affect licensure.  Medical offices, clinics, and hospitals likewise fear litigation, which can negatively impact their institutional reputation.

We understand the legitimate concerns of physicians and facilities that find themselves defending medical malpractice claims.  We also understand the law that applies to these cases and are dedicated to advocating vigorously on your behalf.

Let Us Guide You

Whether you are a governmental entity, non-profit organization, or a private provider, if you are in the business of healthcare, you need counsel you can count on.  The attorneys at Whitcomb Law, P.C. are here to serve you in any healthcare-related matter. Contact us today.