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Government ProcurementAre government contracts for you

Whitcomb Law PC is dedicated to helping small to medium sized businesses bid for, win, and keep lucrative government contracts. Our attorneys stay current on changes in procurement law and trends in enforcement.  We we become aware of changes, we inform our clients quickly.  Our government procurement blog is updated regularly so that you can stay informed without having to incur the costs of time investment of staying in the phone with your attorney.  We know you have a business to run and we view your success as our primary goal.  After all, our success is tied to your government procurement business growing and thriving.  If you find yourself in a bid protest in front of the SBA or the GAO, our attorneys can help with that also.  Whether you are initiating or defending a bid protests or filing a claim at the US Court of Federal Claims, we can help.

SDVOSB and VOSB CVE CertificationSDVOSB attorneys and We can help your small business obtain CVE certification

Whitcomb Law PC is a CVE certified SDVOSB and we specialize in helping other small, veteran owned businesses accomplish the same certification.  By taking our firm through the process, we learned first hand how cumbersome and unnecessarily convoluted the process can be, but we also learned some methods that can make the process less time intensive and burdensome.   We can take your firm from “cradle to grave” or take over where you’ve left off.  We will review all of the documents you have have and draft “letters of explanation” for the ones you don’t have.  Our attorneys frequently review SBA and Federal Claims Courts decisions to stay abreast of changes in the legal landscape and to ready ourselves for a fight should the need arise.  Give us a call and we will go to work for you right away.

Bid ProtestsGAO bid protest

You’ve written a well worded proposal and took care that you satisfied all of the technical requirements of an RFP, but you didn’t get the contract award.  Perhaps you did all those things and you did get the award, but find yourself subject to a bid protest that has no merit.  Our law firm can help you in either situation.  Defending against a bid protest can be just a difficult and time consuming as filing one, but our law firm has developed methods for lowering the overall expense and time commitment.  We will do the necessary fact finding in our interview with your firm and devise the plan that will have the highest likelihood of success.  Sometime our conversation will lead to advising you that your case is not worth pursuing.  As a firm, we don’t believe in charging clients for a service they don’t need or has little hope in leading to a advantageous outcome.  If however, your case has merit and should be pursued, we will bring our considerable expertise to bear to help win or defend your case.  Call us today for a consultation that will help us both determine the direction we should take.

International Business TransactionsInternational Business Transactions

Doing business in the United States can be difficult enough, but what about when your company is ready to expand into foreign markets.  Going it alone and navigating the legal terrain in international business transactions can cost your company time and money.  Our attorneys are trained in this practice area and network with other firms that specialize in this area.  This may mean we have to coordinate with a French or English law firm or draft an international sales contract that protects your shipment of goods from the port of origin to your warehouse.  Your company may find itself in the throws of international commercial arbitration disputing liability over a shipment of goods that was lost or ruined in transit or that did not meet your company’s expectations upon arrivals.  Which country’s laws will apply?  Where will the dispute be handled? How much will all of this cost? The diversity of needs in this legal arena are as diverse as your business and the companies with which you interact.  However, it is almost impossible in our current economic climate to grow a company successfully without engaging in international business transactions.  If your firm finds itself in need of lawyers who are capable in this area of law, give us a call.

Health Care LawHealthcare law

With the seemingly neverending changes currently taking place in the world of health care law, having capable legal counsel is more necessary than ever.  Health care providers and hospitals have to be especially careful to comply with Medicare and Medicaid laws as well as maintaining HIPAA compliance.  Employers have to update their policies to comport with The Affordable Care Act and States are required to promulgate rules that facilitate the extension of insurance coverage to their constituents.  What’s the first step your company should take if it finds itself being scrutinized by a regulatory agency?  What should you do if one of your employees complains that his or her medical coverage doesn’t provide what he or she expected? This ever changing landscape makes having competent legal counsel at your company’s disposal especially important.  Whether you are a small, medium, or large business or a medical provider, our law firm will work to prevent your company or medical practice from getting into legal trouble in the first place.  If you are already in a position requiring legal defense, we can help there too. Our seasoned litigators are even available to help you defend against some medical malpractice claims.  Call us to discuss your unique situation.

Employment LawTermination of employment

Employment discrimination cases can be costly, time consuming, and distracting from the normal day-to-day operations of your business.  The attorneys at Whitcomb Law, PC can help if you as a business owner are faced with defending yourself against an employment discrimination suit based on the sex, gender, national origin, race, religion, political affiliation, or sexual orientation.  Our firm is comprised of seasoned litigators with plenty of trial experience.  When your money and reputation are on the line, who you choose to defend you in these cases can mean the difference between weathering the storm or not.  We will work to keep your legal costs down, while working zealously to get you and your business the best possible outcome.

Civil Rights LawCivil rights law

What should you do if your civil rights are violated.  Perhaps you were minding your own business when you were accosted by law enforcement.  Maybe police used unnecessary force in affecting an arrest or you were neglected while you were incarcerated.  We have represented clients who had handcuffs put on too tightly as well as those who were Tasered and suffered extraordinary harm.  Our lawyers have litigated cases against city and local governments as well as police departments and jails.  If you feel like your Constitutional rights have been violated, please call our law firm.  We will take the fight to the the ones who have overstepped their authority and violated your rights.  Call today for a consultation.

Appellate LawAppellate law

When you lose your case at a trial court, what recourse do you have?  Filing an appeal generally holds about a five percent chance of success, but having the right attorney writing your appellate brief can make all the difference.  You need more than an attorney that an attorney who knows the law, you need an attorney who can write well.  Good writing is more than just a rote recitation of the law, it means drilling down and producing a persuasive brief that moves an appellate judge to see things your way.  An average appellate tribunal decides thousands of cases per year and are most easily impressed by new and nuanced arguments, versus recycled diatribes that have failed already in the past.  Whitcomb Law, PC, employs and enlists only the best writers with a combination of legal prowess and necessary life experience required to relate the facts of your case to relevant case law in a persuasive manner.  Call us today so we can discuss the facts of your case.  If we take your case on, it is because we believe it has a real chance of winning and affecting the law in a positive for those who come behind you.  Appellate law is serious business and should not taken lightly.  Not every case is ripe for appeal, but if your is, a skilled appellate advocate can make all the difference between winning and losing.

Tax LawWSM Law Tax Law

You can never underestimate the importance of proper tax planning. With proper tax guidance, you can save your business (and yourself) a tremendous amount of money, and potentially, some serious legal trouble. At Whitcomb, Selinsky, McAuliffe, PC, our tax law attorneys have helped to protect the legal rights of many businesses and individuals in Denver, Colorado and throughout the surrounding communities. If you need tax law advice, please contact our law firm today for immediate legal assistance. 

OSHA/Workplace SafetyWSM attorneys and workplace safety

Our team, led by a former Department of Labor Solicitor, counsels and represents clients grappling with enforcement matters arising from the regulatory agency and proceedings filed under the Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission (OSHRC). Federal, state, and even municipal regulatory compliance is often a confusing puzzle of complicated bureaucracy.  Sorting out the regulations can be frustrating, but it is important to know what specific regulations apply to you and your employees. Being unprepared can open your business to risk in the event of an unannounced OSHA inspection, which can stretch on for days or even months. WSM’s team provides realistic compliance solutions and vigorous defense of OSHA enforcement actions.


WSM’s experienced MSHA attorneys provide strategic counsel to mine operators and mine service contractors in every region and district across the United States. Our team, led by a former Department of Labor Solicitor, counsels and represents clients on enforcement matters arising from the regulatory agency and proceedings filed under the Federal Mine Safety and Health Review Commission (FMSHRC). Dealing with MSHA daily in the bureaucratic trenches for years gives us a unique perspective on how the agency conducts its enforcement regimen. This perspective translates into efficient service and cost effective, realistic legal solutions.