Video: How RMDLG Will Help Win Your Social Security Disability Insurance Claim

Why choose Rocky Mountain Disability Law Group to Represent You in Your Social Security Disability Insurance Claim?

If you’re wondering how will the attorneys at Whitcomb Law, PC will win your Social Security disability insurance claim, then watch this video. This 30 second video describes the work at Whitcomb Law, PC and its sister offices at Rocky Mountain Disability Law Group and Southern Disability Law Group are helping people win their Social Security disability insurance claims. With thousands of Social Security disability claims hearings to their credit, our attorneys have the experience you need to win. We will collect and submit the right evidence and ask the right questions at hearing.

If we don’t get the right outcome at hearing, we will appeal your claim to the Appeals Council and if need be the Federal District Court. This video speaks to our passion for winning Social Security disability claims. Attorney Joe Whitcomb started his legal career as an attorney-adviser for the Social Security Administration. In this position, he wrote nearly 700 decisions for 16 different Administrative Law Judges in two separate hearing offices. Joe and the other Social Security attorneys at Whitcomb Law, PC, have represented Social Security disability claimants in thousands of hearings.


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