Eric Snelgrove

Eric is “Of Counsel” to Whitcomb Law, PC

Practice Areas:

Aviation Law

FAA and DOT Regulation interpretation and compliance

Eric Snelgrove is a military veteran who brings over three decades of deep and diverse aviation experience to the practice of law. He is a former USAF F-15 Fighter Pilot, General Aviation Pilot, and Airline Pilot, Instructor and Evaluator for a global Part 121 Air Carrier. Eric holds an ATP Pilot Certificate and is type rated on the B737-2/3/4/500, B757, and B767 aircraft. He also holds a Flight Engineer – Turbojet Certificate, and a Single Engine Seaplane rating.

Following graduation with a JD from University of Denver Sturm College of Law, Eric was admitted to the Colorado Bar and awarded a post-graduate judicial fellowship to serve as a District Court Judicial Law Clerk. He followed this experience with work as in-house counsel to an aerospace product corporation where he was exposed to, and provided guidance on a broad array of legal issues. In that role he coordinated with outside counsel, provided risk management and IP strategy advice to senior leadership, and negotiated and drafted numerous legal agreements including internal and external IP protection agreements, master services agreements, partnering agreements, and supplier agreements.

In addition to his flying and legal experience, Eric served as Director of Flight Test Safety for an aerospace company that designed, built and integrated an electric propulsion system into a general aviation airframe. In this position, Eric designed and implemented a flight test safety program and was responsible for overall safety from initial design, through bench test and ultimately successful flight test of the system.

Eric offers a diversity of real world experience in Military and Civil aviation and aerospace operations, FAA regulation interpretation and compliance, and transactional business agreement negotiation and drafting for start-up through mature stage companies.

In his free time, Eric enjoys playing competitive tennis and hockey, and all that Colorado offers through hiking and skiing in the backcountry.

Aviation business owners, and aircraft owners and operators are typically detail oriented individuals who seek adventure but not without the careful assessment of risk. They make decisions in a heavily regulated and dynamic environment with a healthy sense of the consequences of miscalculation. In this environment, good risk management is the coin of the realm. One area of risk is the potential failure to comply with federal regulations. If you are an aviation professional or otherwise, in need of guidance, interpretation, or compliance assistance, we can help.

Let us help you reduce the risk of your operation through the careful assessment of your compliance risk and help you avoid the adverse consequences of regulatory non-compliance.

Business Transactions

We recognize and honor the concept that the free flow of goods and services in exchange for compensation, the conduct of business, is the vital economic engine that propels the economies of most of the world today. Through the course of conducting business, companies are required to negotiate, draft and review a myriad of legal agreements in a variety of subject areas to facilitate this exchange. For most experienced members of a management team this process is familiar and they are masters of the subject matter. It should be noted, however, that no matter the apparent simplicity of an agreement or the familiarity one has with the subject matter, adverse legal consequences can ensue for the party who doesn’t fully understand or comprehend the full meaning or intent of an agreement before a misunderstanding arises.

Let us help you avoid costly mistakes, unnecessary legal conflict, or even litigation. We can proactively negotiate, draft or review your transactional agreements so that you can focus on what really matters for your business – the production and sale of your goods or services. We can also consult on business strategies to take your business to the next level while avoiding legal bear traps that might trip up the vision you have for your company.